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KALYDECO is for people with cystic fibrosis (CF) age 4 months and older with at least one mutation in their CF gene that is responsive to KALYDECO. Enter your mutations to see if at least one of them is eligible. You can also use the chart below to determine if you are eligible for KALYDECO.

4 months and older
Kalydeco Eligibility

We’re sorry, we do not recognize 1 or both of the mutations you entered.

Talk to your healthcare provider to discuss your CF care plan. They can help determine what treatment option is right for you at this time. 

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If you don’t know your or your child's CF gene mutations, it’s important to work with your healthcare provider to identify them. Knowing your mutations can help determine if KALYDECO could be right for you.

CheckBased on the information you entered, you may be eligible for KALYDECO.

Talk with your healthcare provider to see if KALYDECO is right for you.

Here is some information about KALYDECO that may be helpful:

Neither CF gene mutation you entered is eligible for KALYDECO.

Talk with your healthcare provider to discuss your CF care plan and treatment options that may be right for you.

See Which Mutations KALYDECO Is Indicated For 

KALYDECO is for the treatment of CF in people age 4 months and older who have one of the following 97 CF gene mutations. If you don't see your mutation in this chart, try using the tool above or talk to your healthcare provider.


711+3A→G* F311del I148T R75Q S589N
2789+5G→A* F311L I175V R117C* S737F
3272-26A→G* F508C I807M R117G S945L*
3849+10kbC→T* F508C;S1251N† I1027T R117H* S977F*
A120T F1052V I1139V R117L S1159F
A234D F1074L K1060T R117P S1159P
A349V G178E L206W* R170H S1251N*
A455E* G178R* L320V R347H* S1255P*
A1067T G194R L967S R347L T338I
D110E G314E L997F R352Q* T1053I
D110H G551D* L1480P R553Q V232D
D192G G551S* M152V R668C V562I
D579G* G576A M952I R792G V754M
D924N G970D M952T R933G V1293G
D1152H* G1069R P67L* R1070Q W1282R
D1270N G1244E* Q237E R1070W* Y1014C
E56K G1249R Q237H R1162L Y1032C
E193K G1349D* Q359R R1283M  
E822K H939R Q1291R S549N*  
E831X* H1375P R74W S549R*  
711+3A→G* F311del I148T
2789+5G→A* F311L I175V
3272-26A→G* F508C I807M
3849+10kbC→T* F508C;S1251N† I1027T
A120T F1052V I1139V
A234D F1074L K1060T
A349V G178E L206W*
A455E* G178R* L320V
A1067T G194R L967S
D110E G314E L997F
D110H G551D* L1480P
D192G G551S* M152V
D579G* G576A M952I
D924N G970D M952T
D1152H* G1069R P67L*
D1270N G1244E* Q237E
E56K G1249R Q237H
E193K G1349D* Q359R
E822K H939R Q1291R
E831X* H1375P R74W
R75Q S589N R117C*
S737F R117G S945L*
R117H* S977F* R117L
S1159F R117P S1159P
R170H S1251N* R347H*
S1255P* R347L T338I
R352Q* T1053I R553Q
V232D R668C V562I
R792G R933G V754M
V1293G R1070Q W1282R
R1070W* R1162L Y1014C
Y1032C R1283M  
S549N* S549R*  

*Clinical data exists for these mutations. See Clinical studies.

Complex/compound mutations. Most people with CF have 2 CF mutations, 1 on each copy of the CF gene. However, in rare instances, 1 copy of the CF gene can have more than 1 mutation. This is called a compound, or complex, mutation.


Talk to your doctor to learn if you have an indicated CF gene mutation.

It is not known if KALYDECO is safe and effective in children under 4 months of age.

Keep in mind that not all mutations were evaluated in clinical studies, and those that were evaluated were not studied in all age groups. However, KALYDECO is approved for people age 4 months and older with any of the 97 indicated mutations listed above.