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age 21 Months, G551D

Brody started KALYDECO at 6 months old

Watch Alissa and Dan share why starting their son, Brody, on KALYDECO at 6 months old was the right decision for them.

Learn about Mark's KALYDECO story

Mark strives to stay strong and active

I have enjoyed most of my life with my wife. I thrive on adventure. I enjoy being outdoors and being active. Life with CF has had its share of challenges.

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age 27, G551D

Kaitlin finds strength in her support system

I have 2 dogs, and I love spending time outdoors with them. I also enjoy kayaking! Being active is a huge part of my life with CF.

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age 11, G551D
Learn about Lily's KALYDECO story

Vertex GPS™: Guidance & Patient Support is there for Lily

Lily’s doctors decided KALYDECO would be the best option for her, and we were able to start her on it.

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age 4, L206W
Learn about Cooper's KALYDECO story

Amanda teaches Cooper the importance of taking his medicines

Cooper loves doing tae kwon do. He’s one of the youngest and smallest in his class, but he always gets out and does his best.

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age 7, R117H
Learn about Makson's KALYDECO story

For Kristen and Makson, sticking to a routine works

My son Makson is 7 years old. He loves baseball, karate, fishing, and just being outside.

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age 33, G551D
Learn about Stacy's KALYDECO story

Stacy is passionate about her music and her health

Music has always been a passion of mine, and I enjoy sharing music with others; it comes naturally to me.

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age 21, G551D
Learn about Carter's KALYDECO story

Carter stays diligent about taking his KALYDECO

I first heard about KALYDECO from my dad. During one of my appointments, he asked my doctor if I have the G551D mutation.

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